I am a self-taught visual artist based in Switzerland. I paint on various surfaces and also work with wood, textiles and create character art from discarded objects. 
My preferred medium is glass, I love to paint in the reverse glass technique for the discipline and awareness it demands. 
Art has not always been my professional interest, I have a background in Computer Science and had a corporate career before art took over my life. It is only for the past 10 years, after the birth of my son, that I have allowed myself to explore my creative side. My son was born with a severe speech impairment that limited his understanding and production of language. I used visual aid and drawing to enable him to express himself. I didn't actually know that by putting a paint brush in his hands, I was also enabling my own inner child to reconnect to her creative side. 
So when people ask me where I learned to do what I do, I tell them I trained with my son. 
My art is eclectic, dwelling at the border between conscious and subconscious, blending dualities and opposing elements in a way that underlines harmony and visual coherence. I create at the intersection of childlike spontaneity that comes from a place of depth beyond the conceptual mind and the maturity and self awareness of someone who did the work to grow and know themselves and the world they live in. I am passionate and curious about anthropology which is reflected in my art. I often collaborate with my son and integrate his drawings in my glass paintings, approaching the "serious" with the openness, innocence and unconditionality of a child in order to step out of the confinement of the conditioned mind.  
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